• Skinny Deep Pan Pizza Skinny Deep Pan Pizza This skinny deep pan new york style pizza is going to be a family favourite! You have to try to believe how good this is! I made few adjustments to my usual thin crust dough, I added the yogurt, take out some water and yeast, doubled the raising time… and here it is!
  • Dark Chocolate Beetroot Muffins Dark Chocolate Beetroot Muffins You are going to love these dark chocolate beetroot muffins because they are so moist and gooey inside and so chocolatey! This recipe is for 10 muffins and it’s inspired by the very famous beetroot cake but without any oil. Infact you are going to use 200ml of fat free greek yogurt as a substiturte for butter or oil and trust me you are going to like this version.
  • stuffed bread rolls stuffed bread rolls These gorgeous sweet potatoes and peppers stuffed bread rolls are a great idea for a party or for a buffet dinner. I have used peppers and sweet potatoes to fill these homemade bread rolls but you can use anything you want.. I am already thinking of ham and mushrooms for next time... or radicchio and gorgonzola cheese, ham and hemmental, pepperoni and tomato sauce, and everything you fancy.
  • How to start a Food Blog How to start a Food Blog Starting a food blog nowadays can be easier and cheaper than you may think. You don’t need to be a computer genius or anything like that, everything is fairly simple and you can learn new things step by step while you build your blog.


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