• Spicy Seared Salmon

    Spicy Seared Salmon

     This Spicy Seared Salmon with bell peppers and garlic dip makes a great appetizer for any occasion, your guests will love it!   This is such a simple yet elegant way to present a salmon appetizer to your guest! It’s so easy and quick to prepare, just a few everyday ingredients and you can improvise

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  • Skinny Shortcake Biscuits

    Skinny Shortcake Biscuits

    These Skinny Shortcake Biscuits are the perfect low-fat version of the common shortcake: same flavour and consistence, only less fat.     What can I say? I really thank my mum for this amazing recipe she has created, after many time trying she has been trying to find the perfect balance between fat and fragrance.

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  • Bacon bruschetta

    Bacon Bruschetta

    This bacon bruschetta with cheese and spring onions is perfect for a quick lunch or a tasty starter.         Another version of the classic bruschetta, so versatile, quick and sooo tasty! You will only need a few ingredients and in a few minutes you can create something delicious.     

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  • Skinny Drunken Chicken

    Skinny Drunken Chicken

    You are going to love this skinny drunken chicken! it’s so tasty and moist and it’s perfect for a buffet.     I love chicken but sometimes it can be dry, expecially if you try and cook healthy versions of it. These chicken drumsticks are technically slow cooked in beer after been seared and caramelised.

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  • Salami and ricotta bruschetta

    Salami and Ricotta Bruschetta

    This Salami and Ricotta Bruschetta is perfect for summer with a garlic tomatoes and thyme salad.       Let me start with this: for me bruschetta is the most brilliant starter/snack ever been invented; it’s light, quick, easy, versatile and soooo tasty! All you have to do is to toast a slice of bread

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