The Raw Vegan Experiment

The Raw Vegan Experiment will consist in 30 days of preparing, experimenting and eating raw vegan food. I will post all the updates here on the blog: recipes, experiments and any change I see in myself, my body and my mood.
I will say right now that I have never thought about becaming vegetarian or vegan… even less to go raw vegan! But lately I have been reading a lot about the benefits of a raw vegan diet and it sounds pretty interesting. I am NOT thinking of going raw vegan for life but I would love to make an esperiment, just try it out for a month and see if the changes I will see are really soooo AMAZING! Plus I think it’s a good thing to give your body a break and just eat super healthy for a bit.

I saw a video of a 70 years old lady (who actually looks about 40) talking about how she keeps young eating raw vegan food and how she grows all your veggies, spices and fruits in her garden: really inspirational! I thought that could be me! So I started to look for more information and I found some ‘before/after’ picture of people following raw vegan diet and WOW. Everybody talk about the massive amount of energy they realised they had when eating raw vegan, and also the improvement in the skin, the look and the feel of their body. But for me the most amazing thing is that people on this diet don’t seem to age! You can have a look for yourself here:


So at the minute I am doing some researches. I foud out that the best way to go through this diet is to get most your calories from fruits, then a smaller percentage from veggies and fats. It all sounds a bit scary to me but I’m willing to give it a go for 30 days 🙂

I am having a look for recipes and I found some pretty yummy desserts to try out! Of course I will post everything here: all the progress, recipes I will experiment and tips For anybody of you who decide to have a go 🙂

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